TRASH Officially Launches AI Video Creation Platform with Video “Styles” and New Features for Musicians

LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – TRASH has officially launched its AI-powered video creation platform that uses science to make it easy for anyone to create and share videos from their phone. Bring your creative spirit, TRASH does the rest. TRASH does this by offloading the tedious, technical work of video editing onto its proprietary AI, freeing people from the psychological block of a blank canvas so they can focus on the message or emotion they want to share. The result is stunning, vibrant videos that are a cut above the stories.

TRASH was selected as a finalist for MidemLab 2020 out of a total of 226 submissions from 49 countries, and will present on June 5 during the digital edition of Midem. TRASH was also chosen and was recently demonstrated at Snap Inc.’s Yellow Accelerator Program, which was presented to an audience of mobile and social industry veterans on May 12. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo, including Precursor and Dream Machine. In addition, they won not only a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I funding award, but also a prestigious Phase II.

Now out of beta, new additions to the TRASH platform include TRASH for Artists, a suite of features designed for independent musicians, allowing them to add their songs to the TRASH catalog and then easily create original video content. , from promotional clips to feature films. music videos, with just one tap. Artists can edit these videos until they completely capture their aesthetic, then post them on their own social media to capture the attention of today’s music fans. Additionally, TRASH for Artists provides data on the usage of an artist’s music in other TRASH videos.

Another novelty of TRASH is a wide variety of AI-powered video styles, of which “music video” is one of them, that allow people to quickly create video in style; eg recap, story style video, moment of hype, and more. Video Styles are not templates, they are a collaboration with AI and go beyond copying the exact format of another’s video, as other services offer today. Because each person’s personal content is edited in a style, each video is unique. The people are the storytellers, so they have the final say on things like the soundtrack and the script, and TRASH is a creative partner that helps them do the heavy lifting. People can share videos on TRASH, where others can remix, react and share their favorite content. Additionally, the new style of video clip editing allows artists to create full-length videos with one click for tracks they’ve uploaded through TRASH for Artists, giving those on the budget the ability to create. music videos as well as inspire and interact with fans to see what new videos they are making!

During the beta of TRASH for Artists, 70 artists joined and uploaded music. You can watch all of their videos at The new “music videos” channel launched today features artists such as: Okayceci, Adam Oh, MARG, Shah, Eli Jas, DJ Volvox, Jennie Lawless and Alfred Nomad. Additionally, GRAMMY Award-nominated producer, songwriter and post-funk mainstay D’Leau shares footage from his solo song “01” so fans can help complete the video with his own remix channel. titled “D’Leau”. at Up-and-coming songwriter and TikTok creator Okayceci is launching the remix challenge on D’Leau’s channel, and his own first remix is ​​slated for later this month. TRASH partnered with music collectives Rattle in Los Angeles and Treble in New York during the beta phase and are excited to launch today with artists like D’Leau and Okayceci.

“If you can take a Polaroid, you can use TRASH. We make instant, vibrant videos, which is why we’re excited to extend the platform to independent musicians who need tools like this more than ever before. Video is an essential part of removing a lead and one of the richest ways to share your passion, vision, and message with the world. We make it easy to create on video so everyone can participate and have their say, ”says Hannah Donovan, Founder and CEO of TRASH. “With the explosion of mobile video, we are in a music video renaissance, and there is so much potential beyond what was invented by MTV. Artists can re-view tracks in the catalog, tease new ones, ask their fans to join and collaborate – plus we have so much more to come. It was really exciting to see so many of our assumptions validated during the private beta, and we’re waiting to see how people are using TRASH to push the mobile video format now that it’s available to everyone.

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“I love that TRASH allows artists to have a dialogue with fans and listeners by including them in the process of making our music videos,” says D’Leau. “It’s a great way to connect and have a visual conversation with our audience. ”

“So the first thing I like is it’s super easy,” Okayceci explains. “Trash does all the editing for you so * whispers * you don’t have to. Second, there is a great selection of music you can choose from and artists present on the app. of them!”

TRASH was co-founded by Hannah Donovan – previously CEO of Vine and an early employee of – and computer vision scientist Dr. Geneviève Patterson (Brown University, Microsoft Research New England). After being selected for the Betaworks venture capital fund’s Visioncamp accelerator program, they launched the closed beta in June 2019, putting it live four months later in November. TRASH has received acclaim after presentations at major music industry conferences such as NY: LON Connect, where it won the People’s Choice Award, and NOLA MusicTech. TRASH was named App of the Day in the Apple App Store at the end of March and was selected for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp in 2019.

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TRASH is an AI-powered video creation platform built on an engine of advanced technology and committed to using science to enable art. Launched in beta in June 2019 by co-founders Hannah Donovan and Dr Geneviève Patterson, TRASH enables everyone to participate in video by automating the most difficult technical aspects with its proprietary AI engine, allowing users instantly create an edited mix that combines the best parts of their own videos with high quality music. People can then add their personal touch with simple options, resulting in videos that go beyond Stories on social media. Almost 60% of the videos created are shared off-platform, and during the beta period of TRASH for Artists and Styles over the last 60 days, TRASH added 50,000 new users. People share their videos on TRASH where others can remix, react and share their favorite content. Independent musicians who write and record their own music can upload and manage their tracks through the TRASH for Artists website, then use the app to create everything from short promotional teasers to full video clips, tweaking them until they capture their aesthetic, and then post them on their social networks to capture the attention of today’s music video fans. TRASH for Artists is supported by music advisors Vickie Nauman (licensing) and Will Boston (songwriter, label founder). Fans can remix these videos or create new content with their favorite tracks, while artists gain new listeners when their tracks are matched with user videos by TRASH’s AI. For more information, visit

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